Do you have a hole in your roof, or do you need a new roof? Whatever the answer is to that question, the licensed and bonded professionals at Benchmark Roofers can help you increase the value of your home by restoring your current roof or installing a new and improved roof.

The more affordable option is to repair roof leaks, but exactly how you determine whether your roof leaks and more important, what are the five signs of a serious roof leak?

Water Stains on the Upstairs Ceiling

You might not be able to detect a serious roof leak immediately, that is, if you do not pay attention to water stains. Typically hard to see, water stains indicate a substantial amount of water has entered your home. The stains should appear a murky brown color, as well as grow larger if left unattended. You can run a hose on your roof to see if any water stains appear or you can perform a thorough inspection after a heavy thunderstorm passes by.

Development of Mold and Algae

When you reach the stage when a roof leak has led to the development of mold and algae, the time has come to consider installing a brand new roof. Because of the health issues associated with mold and algae growth, it is a good idea to hit the rest button by installing a new roof or completing a major restoration project that includes replacing water damaged roofing materials. Mold and algae grow in damp areas where there is little, if any sunlight.

High Energy Bills

One month, your monthly energy bill is $200. The next month the energy bill doubles to $400. Your roof plays a huge role in maintaining the proper temperature by ensuring heat does not escape in winter and cool air remains indoors to deliver optimal comfort during the summer months. When you notice a dramatic increase in the cost of heating and cooling your home, the time has come to call Benchmark Roofers to schedule a roof inspection.

Damaged and/or Displaced Shingles

Roofing shingles represent the barrier that protects the inside of your home from rain, sleet, and snow. Damaged shingles can lead to minor roof issues that eventually morph into more serious problems. Displaced shingles means you either have serious roof leaks or you can expect serious roof leaks to develop within a short time. Make sure to give your roof the attention it deserves by inspecting it regularly for missing or damaged shingles.

Roof Impressions

Home builders design roofs to support a specified maximum amount of weight. Any amount of weight above the maximum limit can lead to a roof sagging. Because a sagging roof from prevents water from draining properly, it can lead to serious roof leaks and even sections of the roof collapsing inside of a home. If you detect a sagging roof, you should consider hiring a bonded and licensed roofing contractor that has earned the reputation for installing the highest quality new roofs.

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Operating out Annapolis, Maryland, Benchmark Roofers serves customers in most of Maryland, which includes the eastern shore of the state. Our team of highly rated roofing professionals specializes in restoring damaged roofs, as well as installing new roofs that deliver decades of durability. We customize the design of new roofs to match the exterior design of a wide variety of home styles.

You can trust us to exceed your quality expectations not only for roof installation projects, but also for home improvement projects that require the replacement of doors, gutters, siding, and windows. Call us today at (443) 454-1293 or submit the short online contact form to schedule a free roof inspection.

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