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Gutter Replacement & Installation in Annapolis, MD

Gutter Installation

Types of Gutters in Annapolis

Aluminum gutters are among the most popular because they:

  • Are lightweight
  • Come in various shapes and styles
  • Are cost-effective for installing
  • Are low maintenance
  • Will last at least 25 years with the right product, contractors, and care
  • Are rust-proof to stand up to Annapolis humidity
  • Cannot turn brittle, discolor, or crack
  • Will not stain
  • Can be custom-cut to avoid leaks
  • Are weather-resistant
  • Can stand up to severe weather

Covered systems have leaf guards over the top of the gutters. These covers prevent debris and other waste materials from making their way into the system and clogging the downspouts. This difference is the primary one between this gutter system and the standard type.

We recommend this type of gutter installation if you have large trees near your roof. The benefits outweigh the slight price increase of gutters here.

residential gutters Annapolis, MD

Optimization of a Gutter System

Historic buildings are charming, but gutter installation now differs from a century ago. Modern gutters can emulate the look perfectly while improving flow and design.

For this reason, we offer gutter optimization services. If you feel something is inherently wrong with your previous install, contact us. We’ll send an Annapolis contractor out to see what we can do.

Our professional team consists of designers specializing in optimal flow design.

Gutter Repair in Annapolis, MD

The gutters on your property stand up to much abuse. Occasionally, however, debris causes an issue, or a storm loosens a gutter. When this occurs, call us immediately to effect repairs.

Why Deal with Clogged Gutters Immediately

Gutter Replacement

Some installers will encourage you to install new gutters to increase their profits. We see this attitude as short-sighted. As your gutter contractor, we do what is best for you and offer you services accordingly.

We repair what we can, remove debris, and ensure that your system is in good working order for minimal cost. However, sometimes repairs can only take us so far with gutters. In some instances, repairs are not possible or the most cost-effective services.

In such instances, we will advise a replacement project. First, we’ll walk you through your options in terms of materials and help you match your roof and siding perfectly. Then we’ll remove your old aluminum gutters and install the new gutter system you choose.

Our team will clear away every scrap of aluminum from the old gutters and leave the area tidy. While some companies charge for this service, we don’t believe in doing so. However, you are important to us, so we won’t risk you injuring yourself on sharp shards of aluminum.

What Our Customer Say About Us

Justin and the rest of the team at benchmark roofers did an AMAZING and professional job on replacing our roof!! Highly recommend! Great service and super friendly!
Julia Granzow
Julia Granzow
Like many others, I submitted a claim to my insurance company to request my roof to be replaced due to wind and hail damage. Initially my insurance company indicated they would only replace about 50 shingles. But, they told me I could appeal the decision if I had my contractor to submit the appropriate document/evidence to support the need for an entire new roof. That’s when I engaged Michael Orona from Benchmark Roofers. From the moment he was engaged, Michael worked directly with my insurance company’s claim representatives, inspectors, and adjusters and, because of that, I was later approved for an entire roof replacement. And the work to replace the roof itself was completed within one day. I am beyond satisfied with Michael Orona’s assistance and Benchmark’s work and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Vanessa Smith
Vanessa Smith
This is hands down the BEST roofing company in the area! I talked to a couple of companies for quotes on a full roof installation, and Michael at Benchmark was the most honest and professional person. He did not try to sell me more than I needed and had the best price. He was able to get my new roof on within about a week. His crew was fantastic and got everything installed quickly before some rain was coming that day, I couldn’t believe how fast everything came together! Seriously don’t waste your time calling multiple companies, go straight to Benchmark. You won’t be disappointed!
Alexandra Himes
Alexandra Himes
Justin did a great job taking care of our new roof installation. From our unique requirements that included sourcing a specific color of Grand Manor shingles required to match our existing detached garage, to a custom sized Velux skylight, to a flat roof section that had to be tied in appropriately to the rest of the roof, to new copper flashing everywhere; he was responsive, timely, attentive to the details, honest, price competitive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Annapolis area looking to have their roof replaced.
Eric Lecky
Eric Lecky
Justin and the entire crew from Benchmark Roofers provided excellent service during our roof replacement. Justin was very responsive and the quality of work was excellent.
Eric Camponeschi
Eric Camponeschi
Justin Woodworth was responsive to every question I had when he put a new roof on my house. He provided prompt service and excellent advice. His workers were professional and quick. They cleaned the yard of all debris after installing the new roof. Justin worked well with the insurance adjustor and he was able to put a new roof on my house in one day. I was impressed with his knowledge and work ethic. I would recommend him highly!
Susan B
Susan B
I just had one of the best experiences with Benchmark Roofers. Our project was unique and required a seasoned expert to execute. Justin was responsive and offered sound advice while guiding us through the process. No detail was spared. His team was timely, professional, and thorough - clearly dedicated to expert craftsmanship. He provided a cost-effective solution that saved us time and effort. Benchmark has my deepest appreciation and my highest personal recommendation for exterior remodeling solutions.
Amy Sadeghzadeh
Amy Sadeghzadeh
Justin, owner of Benchmark is extremely professional. I called asking questions regarding an inspection for a home I am purchasing and Justin Freely spoke to me about the repairs needed. He invested the time to read my inspection report and Gave me guidance and a clear understanding of the work that would be needed for other aspects of the home. HIs expertise and customer service is exemplary. I’m looking forward to hiring Benchmark for all my roofing needs.
Christina Riggio
Christina Riggio

Inspection and Maintenance of Gutters, Annapolis, MD

Keeping your gutters in optimal condition means climbing up there and checking them. You also need to clean your aluminum gutters out regularly to prevent clogs.

However, only a few homeowners have the time or the inclination for this arduous task. We can’t say we blame them; cleaning gutters is a dirty job and quite dangerous without the proper safety gear.

For this reason, we offer comprehensive maintenance services for your gutters.

When we perform your scheduled service, you can expect us to:

  • Flush the gutters and clean them thoroughly
  • Remove debris and potentially harmful materials
  • Check the aluminum for burst seams and damage
  • Check the brackets and install new screws as necessary
  • Service every section of the gutters, including the leaders
  • Remove the nests of pests like wasps and rodents
  • Clear away algae, moss, or mold from the gutters
  • Examine the gutters, connections, and downspouts for damage
Gutter maintenance, Annapolis, MD

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