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Siding Replacement in Annapolis, MD & Surrounding Areas

Premier Vinyl Siding Services in Annapolis, MD and the Surrounding Areas

At Benchmark Roofers, we’re proud to be the top vinyl siding company in Annapolis, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. Our skilled team of experts is committed to offering our customers high-quality vinyl siding services that satisfy their demands.

Our staff has years of expertise replacing outdated, worn-out siding with lovely, long-lasting vinyl siding that will safeguard your house for many years. You can get the ideal appearance for your house with our large selection of colors and designs.

white vinyl siding replacement in Annapolis, MD

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Annapolis, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. Here are a few reasons as to why vinyl siding can be the best option for your house:

Low Maintenance

Compared to other siding materials like wood or brick, vinyl siding is simple to maintain and needs less maintenance.


Vinyl siding can endure for many years and is made to withstand bad weather, including wind, rain, and snow.

Energy Efficient

Vinyl siding may help insulate your house, making it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which can reduce your energy costs.


For homeowners on a tight budget, vinyl siding is one of the most cost-effective siding solutions.

Ask us about financing options!

Vinyl Siding Inspection Process

Benchmark Roofers provides a thorough vinyl siding inspection procedure that will ultimately help you save money. Our crew will examine your current siding to look for any problem spots. Then, if required, we can propose replacement or conduct repairs. We can assist you in avoiding future expensive repairs or replacements by spotting problems early.

In order to evaluate the state of your vinyl siding, our crew will do a visual check of the outside of your home. We'll search for any indications of deterioration, damage, or other problems that could affect the durability or usability of your siding.

In addition to a visual examination, we'll test for any potential underlying damage. In order to look for moisture damage or other problems that might not be immediately obvious, we'll use modern tech.

Following the completion of our inspection, we'll provide you a thorough report explaining any problems we found and our suggestions for fixing them. This can include suggestions for vinyl siding replacement or repairs.

If replacement or repairs are required, our crew of vinyl siding specialists will collaborate with you to create a strategy that satisfies your requirements and stays within your budget. To guarantee that your vinyl siding is installed or repaired correctly and will endure for many years, we only utilize the best tools and materials available.

Benchmark is Committed to Using the Latest Technology

Making Home Improvement Simpler & Faster

We utilize Hover’s collaborative 3D model to visualize your project before we get started. Uploading photos of your home and receiving accurate measurements that save time and money. 

Vinyl Siding, Annapolis, MD

Benchmark Roofers is your go-to service for high-quality vinyl siding in Annapolis, MD and the surrounding regions. Our skilled staff can assist you with siding repair or replacement. Choose us as your first pick for all of your vinyl siding requirements in Maryland.

Contact us online or call today at (443) 429-1447 to schedule an appointment with siding contractors in Annapolis, MD.