When you need roof repairs, the cost of hiring a professional might get you thinking about doing the repairs yourself. Before you do, there are many factors to consider. One primary concern, other than the quality of the roof repairs, is your safety.

Falling off of your roof could lead to serious injury or death. Calling in the professionals is almost always the best decision for roof repairs. Cutting costs is not worth it when it can cause harm to yourself and your loved ones.

The Pros Have the Know-How

When you look at your roof, you might think the shingles that need repair would be a simple fix. After all, they are just layered on there, right?

The truth is, your roof is a complex system of layers that keeps the elements out of your house. What may seem like a simple repair is more complicated than it appears. Professional roofers, like the ones at Benchmark Roofers, have the experience and knowledge to address your roof repairs.

Aside from the minor fix here and there, the best choice is to call in the pros for all roof repairs.

What About DIY Roof Repairs?

If you require roof repairs, you have probably turned to YouTube for instructions on how to do it yourself. The chances are if you do not have experience as a professional roofer, a crash course in roof repairs will do more harm than good.

While you might be able to repair the apparent problem, only a professional will notice underlying or additional issues on your roof. By doing it yourself, you could cover up the problem and cause further damage down the road.

Looks Matter

DIY roof repairs can also lead to decreased curb appeal. It takes professional skill to lay a shingle properly while matching the color of the rest of your roof. Roofers have access to a wide variety of shingle choices, so they will have your roof looking beautiful.

Hiring Benchmark Roofers to fix your roof can increase your home’s value and appeal to buyers.

Think About Homeowner’s Insurance and Liability

If you still want to fix your roof, consider this: You might damage your roof just by walking on it in the wrong places with the wrong shoes. Since you are not a professional, your homeowner’s insurance will probably not cover the damage.

In short, you will have the expense of the roof repairs plus the damage you unknowingly caused.

Roofing professionals know where to step on your roof and how to perform proper roof repairs. If they cause any damage to your roof, liability insurance covers these costs, and the company will fix the damage.

Can You Perform Roof Repairs After a Claim?

Sometimes a storm blows through town and causes damage to your roof. You submit a claim to your insurance company, and they pay for repairs. Since you already have the money, you might consider completing the roof repairs yourself.

In that case, the answer depends on the laws in your state. Assuming the laws support DIY repairs, if you make a mistake, insurance will probably not cover it.

When a storm causes roof damage, call the professional roofers from Benchmark Roofers at 443-775-2702 for a free quote and reliable service.

How DIY Affects Your Warranty

When a professional fixes your roof, two different warranties cover their work.

One warranty covers the labor, and the other covers the shingles. You must install the shingles properly to activate the warranty.

There is a building code for laying shingles on a roof, and if you do not comply with the code, it voids the warranty. You are sure to maintain this warranty when you hire a pro instead of doing it yourself.

Consider the Cost and Time

The main reason most people want to DIY their roof repairs is to save money. But do you have all the equipment you need to repair your roof?

When you add materials with safety equipment and rented tools, the cost may be the same or more than a professional roofer.

Those who repair roofs for a living have all the tools and equipment they need to fix your roof quickly.

Your inexperience can also cause you to take longer than you think. Even worse, when you try to DIY your roof and cannot finish it before the next rain or snowstorm, you are inviting bigger problems to your home.

DIY Roof Repairs vs. Professional Roofing Repairs

It is tempting to take care of your own roof repairs. After all, it is your house, and you want to complete the regular maintenance jobs yourself. That said, roof repairs are not regular maintenance jobs and need professional attention.

These repairs take experience and a specific set of skills to complete. Instead of DIY roof repairs, call in the roof experts. Benchmark Roofers has the crew you need to fix your roof like new. Call (443) 454-1293 to make an appointment for a free quote today.

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