Roof replacement is a significant investment, one that homeowners don’t take lightly. Understandably, you should first explore the possibility of roof repair. Depending on the age of the roof, its condition, and the roofing materials used, you may have several repair options before arriving at the major overhaul of a roof replacement.

On the other hand, opting for minor patching when the roof has passed its lifespan limit could lead to costly and potentially dangerous damage to your home. So how do you decide whether to repair or replace your roof?

When Roof Repairs Might Be Enough

Roofs should last for decades, even with the predictable wear-and-tear that comes from exposure to sun, storms, and snow. If the damage exists in only one area of the house – for example, a single leak in one of the rooms – a roofing contractor can usually solve the problem with localized repair.

Even when it’s obvious the roof will require replacement in the long run, minor repairs may be enough to keep it functional until you have sufficient budget and enough time to plan for a major expense like roof replacement.

If your roof is relatively new and generally in good condition, repairing it is probably the most sensible, comparatively low-cost solution you can opt for on short notice and with minimal inconvenience.

If you live in an older or historic home, you may wish to preserve the original roof. Repairs may help prolong the roof’s lifespan. But remember, you can get a modern roof to match virtually any style home, even replicating classic architecture.

The Necessity for Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your roof in good condition can potentially save you a lot of money in the long run. An annual, or at the very least biannual, roof inspection will help you locate problems such as moisture marks, leaks, and chipped shingles, which indicate that your roof needs repair.

If problems such as moisture  persist undetected and untreated, you’ll face more extensive, costly repairs later on and possible damage to the house structure. You may even need to replace the roof. On the other hand, had you spotted the issues earlier, you may have only had to repair it.

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When You Might Want to Opt for Roof Replacement

If your roof is several decades old, it might have reached the end of its lifetime. How long a roof will last typically depends on the roofing materials.

Roofs made of asphalt shingles are usually designed to last up to two decades, while metal or clay roofs may endure much longer, possibly over a century.

If you want a uniform look, you may want a roof replacement.  If the roofing contractor only replaces part of the shingles, the roof may look patchy.

If you’re selling the home, a new roof may dramatically increase its curb appeal and value, leading to a faster sale and higher selling price. Replacing a roof is also an opportunity to upgrade roof elements other than shingles, such as a roof deck and gutters.

There are instances when roof replacement is the homeowner’s only option to comply with building codes. For example, if in the past new shingles had been placed over damaged ones, placing another layer of new shingles would  violate the building code.

When Roof Replacement Is an Obvious Choice

Sometimes, aroof has suffered such extensive damage that replacing it is the only practical option for the homeowner. Examples include leaks or moisture throughout the house or a sagging roof.

On other occasions, roofs suffer damage from fallen trees or during natural disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes. Sometimes, a tornado or hurricane may cause structural damage to a roof that is not immediately apparent but nevertheless compromises the safety of the entire house structure. For this reason, roofs should always be inspected after extreme weather occurrences.

Sometimes, the roof is so old and the damage it has suffered is so extensive that repairing it will cost only marginally less than replacing it. In this case, roof replacement is a financially sound choice. You’ll geta new, modern roof, upgrade the value of your property, and minimize any concern over roof damage for a long time.

The roofing experts of Benchmark Roofers, MD, will be happy to help you determine whether you should repair your roof or replace it entirely. Call us at (443) 454-1293 today for a roof repair or replacement quote.

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