If you’re in need of a roof replacement, you may want to know what materials are available to choose from. Whether you need a new roof for your home or business, you want to protect your investment for years to come. Natural disasters and regular wear can cause damage over time, so it’s important to select durable, resilient materials. A new roof should be long-lasting, and consumers should understand the difference between various roofing alternatives.

At Benchmark Roofers, we offer a broad range of high-quality roofing options. These include:

  • Cedar Shingles
  • Metal Roofing
  • Liquid Applied Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing
  • TPO Roofing

Below, we’ll take a closer look at TPO roofing and the benefits it offers. Many homeowners and business owners rely on this type of roofing to secure their property.

What is TPO Roofing? 

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) Roofing is made of a single-ply, reflective membrane. The membrane itself is composed of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber fused together. They are used to cover flat roofs and are available in a range of sizes and colors. Typically, TPO roofing is produced in sheets that are then moved to a residence or commercial business for installation.

The Benefits of TPO Roofing

In 2018, TPO and PVC roofing accounted for 36% and 27% of the global market share. In the years to come, TPO roofing will likely remain a popular choice for customers. Here’s why you should consider this option for your roofing project.


Customers choose this type of roofing for several reasons. However, cost-effectiveness is one of its most major benefits. Whether you own a business or a home, a new roof can be costly. Many families and business owners struggle financially, and they may not be able to afford expensive roofing materials. Fortunately, TPO is both widely available and reasonably priced. In fact, its affordability makes it one of the most sought-after resources on the market.

Energy Efficiency

TPO roofing reflects the sun’s rays so heat doesn’t penetrate your home or business. When less heat enters your property, you don’t have to run the air conditioning as much. This type of roofing keeps customers cool and saves them plenty of money during summer months. It’s worth noting that light-colored membranes are even more reflective than darker colors. If energy-efficiency is important to you, we recommend selecting white membranes. Furthermore, TPO roofing is environmentally-friendly since it is composed of recyclable materials. In today’s world, more and more consumers are looking for sustainable options that protect the planet and their budget.

Long-Term Dependability

A new roof is a major investment, and you want it to last as long as possible. You will have to replace your roof eventually, but strong materials can extend its lifespan. TPO roofs are known for being highly reliable over time. They are also resistant to UV damage, water damage, tearing and the accumulation of debris. As opposed to other roofing materials, TPO roofing requires less cleaning and maintenance. Customers love stress-free solutions that don’t require extra effort and time.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

  • If the shingles show evidence of wear (curling/buckling)
  • If part of your roof is missing
  • If your roof is 20-25 years old
  • If moisture is entering your home and causing damage to walls and ceilings
  • If dark spots and streaks are visible to the eye
  • If you notice any exposed nails
  • If hail or wind damage has occurred
  • If your chimney and roof flashing are damaged

Have you noticed any of these signs? Get in touch with our experts today for more information.

At Benchmark Roofers, we recognize that roofing projects can be daunting for consumers. When someone hears they need a roof replacement or a major repair, their first thought is the cost. That’s why we’re proud to offer affordable solutions for families and business owners. We provide TPO roofing and several other options suited to your financial needs. If you believe you need a roof replacement, it’s best not to wait. Our professionals can visit your home or business to make a proper determination. From there, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your options.

If Your Business Needs a New Roof, Benchmark Roofers Can Help!

Benchmark Roofers is proud to serve business owners throughout the state of Maryland in need of high-quality roofing. Our team of professionals specializes in installing roofs that offer decades of durability and keep your property safe and dry. If you need a replacement, we can custom design your roof replacement to perfectly match the old roof or update your business with something new.

We can help you cross home improvement projects off your to-do list, including door replacement, gutter replacement, siding replacement, window replacement and roof repair. For a free roof inspection to determine if you need any roof repairs, call us today at (443) 454-1293 or submit the brief contact form.

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