Roof inspections are an important part of home maintenance, and they are not something that you can easily do on your own for safety and technical reasons. There is no way to truly know the exact condition of your roof without having a professional inspection performed. Whether you had a severe weather event and are concerned that your roof experienced damage or you want to prepare to list your home on the market, here are some of the things that you can anticipate for your roof inspection.

Why Might You Need a Roof Inspection?

You do not need a specific reason to hire a roof inspector, but most people have a specific problem or concern in mind when they give us a call. Some of the most common reasons why people schedule roof inspections include:

  • Leaks coming from the ceiling
  • Recent severe weather like high winds, heavy rain, snow, or ice
  • Preparing for hurricane season
  • Annual inspections
  • Preparing to sell or refinance the house
  • Preparing to buy the house
  • Your insurance company asked for an inspection of the roof
  • And more

A Structural Inspection

One of the key components of any roof inspection is a structural inspection. During this portion of the inspection, the inspector will check for signs that indicate the roof needs structural repair. Some of these signs include things like:

  • Ceilings that are visibly sagging
  • Rotting, splintering, or cracking trusses or rafters
  • Missing or damaged rafter or collar ties
  • Walls that are leaning or tilting

Catching structural issues before things worsen is critical to protect your safety, especially because storm seasons can lead to roof collapse.

A Material Inspection

The materials used to build your roof undergo a tremendous amount of wear and tear on a yearly basis. As a result, the material inspection is an important part of any roof inspection. During this part of your visit, the inspector will look at the shingles, the soffit, the gutters, and the fascia. If there are any vents, chimneys, or skylights that are part of your roof, those will also be checked over. The material inspection may pinpoint the need for repair or total roof replacement.

Interior Inspection

The outside of your roof provides plenty of information on its condition, but the interior must also be inspected in order to get the full picture. During your roof inspection, the inspector will also look at the attic, the ceiling, and the walls inside of the house to check for problems. They will look for things like holes or visible water staining on the ceiling, signs of mold, wood rot, and pest activity in the attic.

How Are Roof Inspections Different From Home Inspections?

Some people assume that roof inspections are the same as home inspections, but there are key differences that make one more appropriate than the other in certain cases. During a general home inspection, the inspector will look at the roof but not perform as thorough of an inspection as a professional inspector. In contrast, roof inspectors are trained in how to thoroughly and completely inspect a roof for signs of damage and wear and tear.

At the end of your inspection, you will receive an incredibly detailed report that details everything you need to know about the condition of your roof. While home inspectors can generally look over a roof, there is no replacement for a roof inspector, particularly if you are currently dealing with an active problem with your roof.

Why Should You Trust a Professional?

First, roof inspections are dangerous because you were walking around on an elevated surface. If there is damage to your roof, you might not be able to spot it before you are putting your foot through the roof into a rotted hole. Additionally, certain types of roofing, like slate shingles, require a very strategic inspection method to avoid breaking and damaging the roof.

Additionally, even if you take your time and Google, you will not be aware of all of the potential issues with the roof and be able to accurately spot them. A roof inspector does just that all day long, and their years of experience will be put to your benefit during your roof inspection. Instead of trying to do it on your own and missing a problem that allows the condition of your roof to worsen, invest in a professional the first time.

Benchmark Roofers Can Complete Your Roof Inspection

Benchmark Roofers is proud to serve homeowners and businesses in Maryland. We specialize in roofing, windows and doors, siding, and gutter replacement. With our decades of combined experience, we have the necessary knowledge and skill to provide every customer with the service they deserve. No matter your needs, we have skilled workers for the job. Contact us today at (443) 454-1293  to schedule an inspection.

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