When it’s time for you to get a new roof, how will you feel confident in the decision? Working with the right company to ask your questions about roof replacement is a great place to start. Benchmark Roofers works with homeowners and business owners who want to learn more about different aspects of the roof replacement process, from what materials are right for their home to what makes the difference between a roof that needs repairs and a roof that needs replacement. We are always happy to answer your questions about roof replacement now and when you contact us.

6 Common Questions About Roof Replacement

  1. What are the signs that my roof needs to be replaced?

There are many different signs that might indicate a roof that should be replaced, some of which are obvious and some of which are much more subtle. Some of the signs that you might need to invest in roof replacement include:

  • Visible water damage or leaking
  • Dark streaks on the ceiling inside of your home
  • Portions of the ceiling that are sagging
  • Visible light through the roof boards
  • A roof that is over 20 years old
  • Wildlife damage
  • Storm damage
  • Missing granules
  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Dark streaks on the shingles
  • Visible moss on the shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Hail or wind damage
  • Chimney flashing that is damaged
  • And more!

If you want our professional opinion and to ask more questions about roof replacement, contact Benchmark Roofers today.

  1. What is the best type of roof?

There is no one correct answer to this question, as what is right for your home might not be appropriate for another style of home. Some of the most popular options for residences include asphalt shingles. However, there are pros and cons to all roofing materials depending on your budget, your longevity goals, your aesthetic preferences and the climate around your home.

  1. How long does a roof last?

If you have asphalt shingles like many homeowners, you can expect your roof to last between 20-30 years depending on the conditions it has been exposed to. Once your roof passes the two decade milestone, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected to determine the condition. For example, a roof that is twenty years old but has been through three hurricanes is more likely to need replacement than a roof that is twenty years old and has largely been protected from harsh weather conditions.

  1. If my roof leaks, do I need to purchase a new roof?

The answer to this question can vary depending on the severity of the leak and how quickly you were able to take action and protect the rest of the roof. If there are many worn spots and missing shingles, there’s a good chance a replacement might be most appropriate. However, if there is just one missing shingle or the leak is coming in from the chimney, you might only need repairs. We can inspect your roof and determine what the safest option for your family is.

  1. How long will it take to replace my roof?

The timeline for your specific roof replacement will depend on the size of your property, the type of roofing you are having installed and any special safety concerns. When you meet with us about your roof replacement, we will be able to share a specific projected timeline with you that narrows things down and ensures we are all on the same page.

  1. Will a new roof decrease my energy bills?

If you have a roof that is twenty years or older, there’s a good chance that a roof replacement will help to decrease your energy bills. Sometimes an inefficient roof can force your air conditioning and heating systems to work too hard and drive up your energy bills. Installing a new roof can help to lower those energy bills and ensure that your home stays comfortable.

If You’re Ready for Your Roof Replacement, We’re Here to Answer Your Questions About Roof Replacement

Benchmark Roofers is proud to serve homeowners throughout the state of Maryland in need of high-quality roofing and repairs. Our team of professionals specializes in installing new roofs and roof replacements that offer decades of durability and keep your family safe and dry. We can custom design your roof replacement to perfectly match the old roof or update your home to something new.

Outside of our roof replacement and repair offerings, we can help you cross home improvement projects off your to-do list, including door replacement, gutter replacement, siding replacement, window replacement and roof repair. For a free roof inspection to determine if you need a roof replacement or a consultation to show you the benefits of a new roof, call us today at (443) 775-3654 or submit the brief contact form below.

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