While your roof can last for a long time and protect your family for decades, it will eventually need to be replaced. Sometimes there is something structurally wrong with the roof after a natural disaster or there is damage from a storm that is so extensive it needs to be replaced instead of merely repaired. In other cases, the appearance of the roof has degraded to the point that a roof replacement can improve curb appeal. How can replacing your roof elevate the look of your home?

How a Roof Replacement Can Improve Curb Appeal

There are many benefits to installing a new roof that go beyond the basics, like improved safety, and instead focus on aesthetics. Some of the ways that a roof replacement can improve curb appeal include:

  • Adding a new architectural element to the exterior of your home by using elements like an updated slope or cross gables to add more personality to the roof
  • Updating the color of your roof so that it looks more modern or more unique than the basic grey that many homeowners utilize
  • Changing the appearance of your home thanks to a unique roofing material, like a metal or slate roof, or a unique roofing design
  • Getting rid of old, faded, weathered or damaged roofing material that is lowering the curb appeal of your roof

If you aren’t sure whether or not roof replacement can improve curb appeal at your home or property, you can contact Benchmark Roofers to learn more. We offer roof inspections that can see if there are issues with your current roof, and we can also share with you options for replacement that might help boost the curb appeal and aesthetics of your property.

What Roofing Options Can You Choose From?

If you choose the right roofing material, it’s easy to see how a roof replacement can improve curb appeal. We will walk you through the choices that you can make for the style of your roof and the material of your roof.

  • Asphalt Shingles

These are often the default for many homes, and they are versatile and easy to coordinate with a broad variety of home styles. Asphalt shingles are made from a mixture of asphalt and fiberglass and coated in granules that wear off over time. They will lay flush to your roof surface to create the classic look that many of us think of when we think about roofing. You can also choose laminated asphalt shingles, which are also known as dimensional shingles, and they are more durable.

  • Wood Shingles

Wood shingles and shakes are more traditional roofing materials, and they are attractive and unique. They typically look more rustic thanks to the handcrafted nature and natural wood grain, but that can also make your home stand out and add plenty of curb appeal.

  • Clay or Ceramic Tile

Clay or ceramic roofing material is common in the Southwest, and the terracotta hue is absolutely stunning and different from other roofs. This roofing material is used by many due to its superior fire-resistance and durability. When you use heavier roofing materials like slate or ceramic tile, you might need to also reinforce the structure of your roof to ensure that the weight will not cause it to sag or do any additional damage.

  • Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are one of the most durable roofing materials in history, and a slate roof can last over one hundred years. Slate roofing is a more significant investment, but the timeless look and elegance it adds to your home can be worth it. You will need to always work with professionals to have it inspected and maintained, as the surface can be slippery and the tiles are surprisingly delicate when you are walking on them directly.

  • Metal Shingles

Metal roofing is often associated with commercial properties, but it can also be used for homes like yours. Metal roofs can simulate other roofing styles without the weight or excessive cost. Metal can mimic traditional shingles and more, and you could even utilize metal roofing to replace the timeless look of clay or terracotta. We can help you explore the many metal roofing options available to you.

Learn How Roof Replacement Can Improve Curb Appeal with Benchmark Roofers

Benchmark Roofers is proud to serve homeowners throughout the state of Maryland in need of high-quality roofing and repairs. Beyond our roof replacement and repair offerings, we can help you cross home improvement projects off your to-do list, including door replacement, gutter replacement, siding replacement, window replacement and roof repair. For a free roof inspection to determine if you need a roof replacement or a consultation to show you the benefits of a new roof, call us today at (443) 775-3654 or submit the brief contact form below.

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