With a good roof over your head, you and your family can feel safe and secure against rain, snow, hail, wind, and even the summer’s heat. A roof takes care of you and your home year-round, but without regular roof maintenance, you’re opening yourself to a lot of expensive headaches.

At Benchmark Roofers, we understand that a roof is an investment—and one you’ll get the best return on by taking the time to properly maintain. Why? Let’s take a look at three reasons to schedule regular roof maintenance.

It helps your roof last longer.

Even with competitive prices like ours, replacing a roof isn’t cheap. If you have a well-maintained roof on your home, you likely won’t have need a roof replacement for decades.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, a tile, slate, or copper roof can last more than 50 years! While those are the most durable roofing materials, all roof types have longevity when treated right. An asphalt shingle/composition roof can last roughly 20 years. Fiber cement shingles add about another five years on top of that. As for a wood shake roof, you can expect that to last about 30 years.

Because these materials vary in price, aesthetics, and durability, signs of wear and tear vary between them. A biannual or annual roof inspection with one of our experienced, professional roofers can flush out smaller problems such as chipped or curling shingles, moisture marks, ponding or standing water, and leaks before they blossom into an issue with a hefty price tag.

It protects you when your warranty doesn’t.

Some homeowners don’t think about having regular roof maintenance because their roof came with a warranty—but read that warranty carefully. Not all warranties cover every nook and cranny for decades with no questions asked.

A basic roof warranty provides coverage against defective materials or workmanship. Yes, if the roof was installed incorrectly or the materials fail before the end of their expected lifespan, a warranty puts the manufacturer or the installer on the hook for solving the problem.

But if your warranty was prorated, then the value of your roof – and your coverage – decreases over time.  Your warranty may also vary depending on where you live or the type of your roofing materials. For instance, homeowners who live where tornados are frequent might discover that their warranty only covers a specific installation style or a certain type of shingles.

Plus, if you didn’t have the roof installed, you might have no warranty at all. Some companies offer a transferrable warranty that passes on to a new homeowner once the previous owner sells the house, but those transfers tend to be a one-time option.

A professional roofer from our team at Benchmark Roofers can review your warranty with you to explain what’s covered and what’s not. We can also help you evaluate your homeowner’s insurance. If the damage is discovered during an inspection, your policy may cover it.

Regular roof maintenance saves money.

The average roof repair costs about $550. Compare that with the average cost of a roof replacement: about $7,500, depending on the material. If you can replace a 10×10-foot square of roofing rather than the whole thing, why not? After all, thousands are on the line.

Trust us: Postponing a fairly straightforward repair now often results in a big-ticket one later.

We never really know what Mother Nature will bring. A roof can take a beating over the years, especially in the hot and humid summers and cold, windy, and wet winters here in Maryland.

As part of your regular roof maintenance, our knowledgeable roofers can inspect the flashing—that waterproof material along the joints, edges, and valleys that prevent leaks and other water damage. We can spot algae causing black streaks on the roof or clogged gutters keeping rain and moisture against your house, leading to mold problems. We can also check out the ventilation in your attic, where trapped humid air can cause your shingles to sag.

Roof maintenance isn’t all about curb appeal, but it certainly helps with that, too. Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases most people make, and maintaining the quality of that investment is one reason to keep your roof both functional and attractive with regular roofing maintenance.

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