Even if you take exceptional care of your roof and have maintenance performed, it will eventually need to be replaced. While you might not notice water dripping through when it rains, that doesn’t mean that there are not signs that you need a roof replacement! In many cases, by the time the damage to your roof becomes apparent, it’s already too late to have a simple repair done. Regular roof inspections and maintenance can help to determine when you need a roof replacement before it’s too late.

Curling Shingles

Particularly in Maryland, the heat, humidity and rain can lead to wear and tear on shingles. Over time, they will start to curl on the edges and break. Curling shingles are one of the first signs that something is wrong with your roof, as the shingles are the barrier between the outside weather and the inside of your home. If the shingles are curling up and exposing some of the roof underneath, water can enter and cause damage. A roof inspection can pinpoint not only the curling shingles but also help to troubleshoot the potential causes of it.

Missing Shingles

Another common roof issue for Maryland homeowners in the aftermath of heavy summer rains, hurricanes or thunderstorms is missing shingles. If the damage is severe enough and not repaired in a timely fashion, you need a roof replacement. When shingles are missing from the roof, water can get into the sheathing and lead to rot. Rot is very difficult to repair, and in many cases an outright replacement is preferable.


While slate and tile roofs can last over five decades with proper maintenance, fiber cement shingle roofs last only approximately 25 years and asphalt shingle roofs last only 20 years. It’s important to note that those lifespans are with excellent maintenance and without serious weather events that can shorten the longevity, like hail, heavy snow and hurricanes. If your roof is getting older or has survived lots of harsh weather, it might need to be replaced.

Multiple Layers of Roofing

Whether you purchased your home without realizing it or cut corners in the past, one of the most ineffective ways to “replace” a roof is by adding another layer of shingles or roofing on top of the older one. This can be much cheaper than having the whole roof redone from scratch, but it can do serious damage to your home that makes you need a roof replacement quicker than you would expect. If the sheathing and shingles underneath are rotting and old, it will also cost you even more to have the replacement roof installed because there will be two layers of material to remove and potential major repairs needed underneath.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is part of what keeps moisture locked out from the area beneath your shingles and leading to rot and decay. If the flashing is peeling, rusting or missing entirely around your vent pipes, chimney and between roof parts, it should be replaced immediately. If you don’t identify the problem early on and the water gets into your attic, there’s a good chance you need a roof replacement and potential repairs to your attic or home.

Damaged Decking

The decking is the base of your roof, so it is the thing that supports all of the weight on top of the roof, including shingles, snow, ice, the underlayment and the flashing. When there is damage to the decking as a result of too much weight or age, there is often damage to other layers of the roof as well. Because the decking is so critical to the safety and structural integrity of the roof, in many cases you need a roof replacement to fully repair the damage done. Damage to the decking can also occur when moisture makes it underneath the shingles and the wood bends, rots or warps. Water damage and rot weaken the decking so that it cannot hold the weight on top of it. You might not be able to tell that the decking is damaged early on without an inspection, so inspections are critical to prevent a serious leak or even collapse.

Do You Need a Roof Replacement? Benchmark Roofers Is Here to Help

Benchmark Roofers is proud to serve homeowners throughout the state of Maryland in need of high-quality roofing. Our team of professionals specializes in installing new roofs that offer decades of durability and keep your family safe and dry. We can custom design your roof replacement to perfectly match the old roof or update your home to something new.

Beyond our roof replacement offerings, we can help you cross home improvement projects off your to-do list, including door replacement, gutter replacement, siding replacement, window replacement and roof repair. For a free roof inspection to determine if you need a roof replacement, call us today at (443) 454-1293 or submit the brief contact form.

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