Maintaining a roof can be challenging, especially if you live in an area where severe weather is typical. Storms, tornadoes, flooding, and snow can all significantly impact the quality of your roof. This makes planning essential for homeowners or commercial businesses. Don’t wait for disaster to cause unnecessary stress and overspending. When you take protective measures for your roof, you will be saving your home and budget in the long run. Benchmark Roofers has decades of professional experience to explain why roof flashing is important. 

What Is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is a term used to describe a thin layer of material installed under the shingles of your roof. It is used to prevent water leakage and damage by directing water to a different location. This allows the water to drain off without entering any cracks or openings in your roof. When installed, roof flashing provides long-term protection for the life of your roof.

Why Is Roof Flashing Important?

For thousands of years, humans have been building homes and roofs to protect us from the elements of nature. One of the most significant elements we battle, besides the sun, is rain. Water leakage into the home can compromise the foundation of protection we have built.

Water damage to a home can be devastating and be a hefty expense to repair. Water can seep through cracks, windows, or walls of your home or commercial residence. This can cause structural damage, but it can also damage your personal belongings and possessions. The stress of water damage doesn’t stop there. With water comes the spread of mold and mildew, which can cause your home to become a biohazard in only a few weeks.

There are many problem areas of your roof that need roof flashing protection. Any spot of a roof that has joints or penetrations requires the flashing:

  • Chimneys: As one of the most common areas of water penetration on a roof, chimneys are especially important to cover in roof flashing. There is the threat of water damage and danger to your health. Water leakage through a chimney can also cause harmful chemicals like soot and creosote to drain down into your fireplace.
  • Valleys: A valley on a roof is where two slopes of the roof join. When it rains, even a tiny amount, the valleys always have a stream of water running between them. This area is vital as water drainage always comes from multiple slopes. When flashing is installed, it protects the valley from leakage and directs the stream of water to the gutters.
  • Skylights: Skylights are a beautiful feature added to a home or business, but they require special sealing to the roof.
  • Dormers: These are referred to as a joint on a roof. These structures protrude vertically from the rooftop and usually contain a window to a bedroom.

What Are the Different Types of Roof Flashing?

As we evolve in home building and roofing, we can use various materials for your roofing. While they are all great options, every home is different. We will work with you to help decide the best material for your home that fits your budget.

1. Sheet Metal

This is one of the most common materials used today for durability and pricing. The metals most used are zinc, steel, and aluminum.

2. Copper

Copper is on the more expensive side of roof flashing materials. It is usually used on high-end roofs or historic homes. It is so flexible that it makes for a great accent to homes and fits uniquely shaped roofs.

3. Lead

While lead has become known to be toxic to health and the environment, it is still used today for its incredible durability and it is safe to use on the outside of your home. Lead roof flashing has been known to last for 500 years! While this option can be expensive, it is helpful for problem areas that are small and hard to maintain.

4. Rubber and Plastic

Rubber and plastic can be used but aren’t highly recommended materials. They are cheaper to install but don’t last as long and are more vulnerable to degradation from the sun.

Finding which material is best for you can be a difficult decision. That is why learning all the options out there will equip you with more knowledge to make a choice. Roofing companies will inform you of the materials used and always give a helping hand in the decision-making process.

Make Your Roof Protected With Benchmark Roofers

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