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Roof Installation Bowie, MD

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Choosing The Right Contractor

The first step of a roof installation project is to choose the right contractor. It’s important to find a balance between competitive cost, quality materials, and experience.

Many people choose their roofer based largely on price, which may end up costing you more in the long run due to low-quality materials or poor installation. Similarly, some roofers don’t worry much about customer satisfaction since replacing a roof is a once-every-few-decades job. We always recommend that you get 3-4 quotes.

Here are some great questions to ask contractors:

  • Do you have any references I can contact?
  • What is the estimated project completion time?
  • Do you offer contract and roofing warranties for both labor and materials?

Benchmark is proud to offer high-quality materials, high-quality work, and high-quality customer service, every time. We understand that a roof installation can disrupt your life, but we strive to make it as enjoyable of a process as possible.

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Locally owned & operated, we are fully insured, accredited & certified roofing contractors.

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We are proud to deliver best-in-class roofing systems, using only best materials.

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For your convenience we provide FREE, no obligation estimates & flexible appointment availability.

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