A well-designed, properly installed roof can keep your family warm, safe and dry for decades to come. However, it’s also a significant investment that will take time and involve numerous stylistic decisions. When you are planning on getting a roof replacement, you should take the time to understand the details of the process to prepare yourself and your family for a great experience.

1. Roofing Materials

If you have never purchased a new roof before, you are probably unfamiliar with the different types of roofing available. Even in the past decade alone, new technologies have paved the way for better materials and newer options. Asphalt shingles, slate shingles, metal roofing, architectural shingles and dozens of other options, textures and colors are available. Benchmark Roofers can work with you to explore the benefits and drawbacks of all roofing materials to choose the perfect option when you are getting a roof replacement.

2. Find the Right Roofing Company

Unfortunately, some roofing companies don’t concern themselves with customer service and satisfaction. When you are only getting a roof replacement once every 30 years, why worry about repeat customers? That is the opposite of our approach at Benchmark Roofers. We go above and beyond to build long-lasting relationships with all of our customers. Instead of installing your roof and never seeing you again, we hope that you will trust us with future maintenance and repairs, as well as other tasks like gutter replacement and window replacement. We work hard to earn and keep your business.

3. Invest Wisely

A roof can last decades with proper maintenance and care, but certain materials will last longer than others. Just like when selecting other materials, you often get what you pay for. Shingles that are beautifully designed to last 50 years will cost more than those that are the most affordable option. The same decisions will need to be made about the flashing that seals the joints wherever the roof meets another part of the roof or a wall. Copper flashing is more expensive, but it will be more durable and long-lasting than aluminum. It’s better to make the right investment once instead of making the wrong one and needing to fix it again only a decade down the road.

4. Be Prepared for Installation

The installation process can be noisy and disrupt your normal day, particularly if you are working from home or taking classes at home. Even though we work hard to be done in a timely fashion and avoid making excess noise, construction can be loud. It’s a good idea to plan on being out of the house, working on a lower level of the home or finding another part of your home further from the roof where the noise won’t be overwhelming. You should also plan to clear the driveway of any vehicles so that the installation crew can do their job and your car will be safe from damage.

5. Understand the Warranty

When you are getting a roof replacement, you will need to pay close attention to the warranty for your new roof. What is covered? What is not covered? This knowledge is essential, particularly when dealing with the aftermath of a storm or hurricane. It’s always better to know upfront instead of searching for paperwork when disaster strikes.

6. Get the Right Documents

Check the local and state codes for your area when you are getting a roof replacement to understand what documents you need. In many municipalities, you will need a building permit before the installation can be completed. Depending on the roofing you chose, this permit might also be necessary to ensure that your warranty is valid. We can assist you in ensuring that all paperwork has been properly completed and obtained, and we can also provide you with paperwork confirming that we have all insurance necessary to safely complete your installation. Getting a roof replacement is easy when you work with an experienced company like Benchmark Roofers.

Getting a Roof Replacement? Get Help from Benchmark Roofers

Benchmark Roofers is proud to serve homeowners throughout the state of Maryland in need of high-quality roofing and repairs. Our team of professionals specializes in installing new roofs and roof replacements that offer decades of durability and keep your family safe and dry. We can custom design your roof replacement to perfectly match the old roof or update your home to something new.

Beyond our roof replacement and repair offerings, we can help you cross home improvement projects off your to-do list, including door replacement, gutter replacement, siding replacement, window replacement and roof repair. For a free roof inspection to determine if you need a roof replacement, call us today at (443) 454-1293 or submit the brief contact form below.

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